Peak Internet dropped the case

If you didn’t see already, Peak Internet dropped the case “with prejudice”. That means they can’t sue me for the same thing again (more complicated than that, but that’s the basics).

This whole thing was a scare tactic from the beginning. They thought they had somebody who would be scared and immediately take everything down. They did not expect to find somebody who would stand up for their rights and beliefs.

Their lawyer was most unkind throughout the whole process. I’ve dealt with lawyers on both sides of things before, but this guy just seemed mean.

Ryan J. Klein’s statement to KOAA on Peak’s behalf was absolutely ridiculous:

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My standard review of Peak Internet

This is my standard review of Peak Internet. Feel free to ask any questions about it.

Here’s the speed test graph. Click for a larger image.


Beware: This company advertises fast internet speeds, but in reality rarely provides those speeds. Like every ISP, the advertised speeds are up to that speed. You shouldn’t expect to get the top speed all of the time, but you can expect an average speed about 70% of the advertised speed most of the time. That’s how a regular ISP works. I am receiving speeds at 50% or lower of the advertised package speed 100% of the time.

Peak has a guaranteed minimum which is nice, but they seem to think the guaranteed minimum is the speed that you should average at. One thing to keep in mind with wireless internet is your speeds may fluctuate due to weather and interference. This is not the issue with the package I ordered, as I explain below.

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Intro / Peak Internet Case

Hello. I am Russell Petrick. This used to be my resume site, but I don’t use it anymore. My online presence has diminished recently. I am @dew as well.

I’m not looking for any full time jobs. I do some small business computer consulting. If you are interested, you can email me:

You’re probably here looking for information about how I am being sued by Peak Internet (6/27/14) after I used their service in September of 2013 and posted negative reviews with data to back them up in September and October of 2013. . I’ll try to provide some links and information for you. There are two TV interviews (KOAA andKKTV), and two sites I know of that have written about it (Pope Hat and Techdirt). Good news, Peak Internet had the case dismissed with prejudice because they knew they had nothing to stand on.

They’ve removed their Facebook page (now back up). Not surprising, as they removed my review and the whole review feature from their page last year. They still have a website (WARNING: autoplay video) and Twitter account. NOTE: Please do not post false reviews on any website. Doing so just removes legitimacy of actual reviews. Do not harass people who answer phones or email. Many of them are probably minimum wage support monkeys who are just trying to earn a living.

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